Cummins PT Fuel Systems in Minot, ND

Cummins Fuel SystemsWith over 45+ years of experience, we specialize in the repair and rebuilding of Cummins PT diesel fuel pump systems. We can help you fix or replace practically any Cummins PT diesel fuel system that you may have on your big-rig truck, tractor-trailer, agricultural vehicles, marine, gen. sets, and more! If you have another type of diesel pump or engine in need of repair, contact us to learn more about our capabilities and services.

When you have a diesel truck, RV, or another vehicle that operates via a diesel engine, you can’t just go to any mechanic. If your vehicle has a Cummins PT fuel system, it can be even more complicated, especially if something happens with your fuel pump. That’s when you need the help of seasoned professionals who offer the most advanced diesel and Cummins PT fuel pump replacement services to keep your truck on the road.

Since 1978, Dave’s Diesel has been an expert in providing highly specialized diesel services in Minot, ND. We have over 45+ years of experience with Cummins PT fuel pumps. We focus on rebuilding, replacing, and servicing Cummins PT fuel pumps, and can also perform other minor diesel repairs.

Cummins PT Fuel Pump Replacement & More

No matter what model of Cummins PT fuel pump, we have the knowledge, experience, and training to ensure it’s working correctly, so you never have to worry. That’s because, for over four decades, we’ve continued to hone our Cummins PT fuel pump rebuilding skills, as well as our skills in maintaining and repairing Cummins PT fuel pumps. When it comes to Cummins PT fuel pumps and diesel services, we have what it takes to troubleshoot common symptoms of diesel system problems including:

  • Fuel pressure issues:
    If your vehicle isn’t starting, it could be a problem with your fuel pump. Pressure issues happen when the pump can’t maintain proper pressure.
  • Acceleration problems:
    A bad diesel fuel pump might mean you start having problems accelerating. You may or may not also notice fuel pressure issues as well.
  • High pitched sounds:
    If you start hearing a scraping, high-pitched whistle, or other similar sounds it’s a clear sign there’s something wrong with your Cummins PT fuel pump, or possibly your fuel system
  • And more!

You can rely on Dave’s Diesel to provide you with affordable, high-quality services.
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